Look and feel better in just 10 minutes a day!!

Look and feel better in just 10 minutes a day!!





Whether you want to improve your posture, reduce

pain in your neck or back or you just want to be able to exercise without getting hurt, has a product for you. Use our products at
home, work or at your local health club. We specialize in demonstrating correct form and technique for a variety of exercises and stretches that will
help improve your health and quality of life by performing the Daily Dozen posture exercises. The Posture exercises take just 10 minutes a day!

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"In December 2012, I broke my back in an auto accident. My doctors informed me that there was nothing I could do to help recover except rest. After several months I fortunately found out about The Daily Dozen For a Better Posture DVD. The exercises and instruction from the video were a major contributor to my complete recovery! They remain a consistant part of my daily exercises.
I now recommend the DVD to all my friends and family. Thank you Dale Greenwald and BetterPosture team, God Bless You!"
  -Ray Bronsord, Eagle, Colorado
  BOOKS   DVDS    DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO    CD'S can help you develop strong posture through ergonomic exercises that strengthen the upper back and result in good posture. Once you develop core strength, you will stand straighter, and have better overall core posture. By teaching you how not to slouch and how to improve posture, you will feel better. We teach posture exercises for kids, posture exercises for seniors, exercises at work, and even warm up exercises baseball players.

Do you want to know how to reduce neck tension and how to reduce back tension? Reduce pain in your neck with our exercise for neck pain products. We are located in the Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs and Ft Collins, Colorado area. Start feeling younger and more confident today!

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